Complete the 2D Shapes: Worksheets, Online Test and Calculators

Complete the 2d shapes worksheets, solved worksheet problems or exercises with step-by-step work, formative assessment as online test, calculator and more learning resources to learn, practice, assess and master the basic math skills of geometry.

Complete the 2D Shapes

Name Grade School
Date Questions7 Score

square example-complete-square1 example-complete-square2 example-complete-square3 example-complete-square4
circle circle-incomplete1 circle-incomplete2 circle-incomplete3 circle-incomplete4
half-circle half-circle-incomplete1 half-circle-incomplete2 half-circle-incomplete3 half-circle-incomplete4
rectangle rectangle-incomplete1 rectangle-incomplete2 rectangle-incomplete3 rectangle-incomplete4
rhombus rhombus-incomplete1 rhombus-incomplete2 rhombus-incomplete3 rhombus-incomplete4
square square-incomplete1 square-incomplete2 square-incomplete3 square-incomplete4
trapezoid trapezoid-incomplete1 trapezoid-incomplete2 trapezoid-incomplete3 trapezoid-incomplete4
triangle2 triangle-incomplete1 triangle-incomplete2 triangle-incomplete3 triangle-incomplete4

Worksheet: Complete the 2D Shapes

Complete the 2d shapes worksheet is the largest collection of practice problems and solved exercises which can be served as homework, classwork or assignment problems for the students to learn, practice, assess, iterate and master the skills of how to solve such geometry problems in basic mathematics.